Sunday, April 12, 2015

Telling the Kids

Many of you have asked if we've told the kids about my diagnosis. We have. About a week ago, Tony and I had a conversation with them that was informative and upbeat. No questions were off-limits, and they asked all sorts.

  • "Will you be bald?" 
  • "Are you going to be okay?" 
  • "Wait. Could you die?" 

It's important to us that we're honest with the kids. Since my prognosis is quite good, it was easy to explain there are many treatments available and my doctors tell me I should be just fine. They agreed to help out more around the house and allow me to rest when I need it. For the most part, they've been excellent! No tears. No anxiety. Answered prayers!

Spring Break 2015 is now in the books. We told the kids at the start of their break so they'd have plenty of time to have us in their presence to ask questions and see for themselves that I'm really okay. We kept life very normal and had lots of family time. It was a blast! (Thanks to those who came to visit, babysat the kids, and brought dinner.)

Tomorrow it's back to school and back to work! I'm hoping for a quiet week. I have an MRI scheduled at Emory Midtown on Wednesday morning. On Thursday, we'll meet with Dr. Styblo for the first time and go over all my records (and she should have the MRI results then, too.) I'm eager to hear if her treatment plan will include a sentinel lymph node biopsy.  I'm way behind on phone calls, texts, and messages. So many of you have reached out to me! Thank you!!! Give me time and I hope to answer every one.

Prayer requests:

  • For the ability to focus and great productivity at work on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
  • For the kids as they go back to school
  • For the MRI to reveal any additional abnormalities (and no false positives!)
  • For the appointment with Dr. Styblo -- answers and swift treatment

Have a great week, everyone!

"We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps." - Prov. 16:9