Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Where's the Easy Button?

My life would be better if I had an "easy button." I would have pushed it for my MRI. 

I learned today I don't like lying on my face for an hour in a tight space. I also don't like those loud noises. To me, it sounded like I was being sucked into an alien ship. Or sleeping in a construction zone. Or at a rave. (I've never actually done any of those things.) There was no music or special headphones. They did give me shamrock green ear plugs made of foam. (Useless.) It was just me and the banging and the zapping and the contrast dye and an IV leaking saline solution for an hour.

The technician said I was a rock star. I never stopped the procedure for a break or to move. She gave me all the free Emory passes she had (for parking and free meals.) She was super nice and very encouraging. She was a rock star.  And if she says I'm one, too, I'll believe her.

Bottom line: it sucked and it's over. Life has no easy button. But I have God and He comforted me. I sang sweet songs in my mind and He got me through it... and it's over. Thank you Jesus. 

Prayer requests:

  • I still have not heard my results on the HER2 test. Excruciating! Tomorrow I meet Dr. Styblo. Pray for the test results to come in before our appointment.
  • Pray for the Radiologist reading my MRI. That he or she will have a clear mind, a sharp focus, and will find anything suspicious (but no false positives).
  • Pray for tonight's middle school orientation. I'm about to get "dressed up like somebody's mother" and go learn the ins and outs for my boy. Mama Bear has lots of questions!

I can't finish this post without thanking my incredible friends. You've sent a care package filled with "daily delights." You've brought me meals and flowers. You've rearranged your schedule to take me to appointments. You've picked up my kids from school. You babysit whenever I need you. All of this and the journey has just begun. Thank you for loving me and my family. We honestly couldn't do this without you. YOU ARE ROCK STARS!


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