Saturday, May 16, 2015

It's all About the Grace, 'bout the Grace, 'bout the Grace...........

My heart is about to burst!

Emily's blog has been so uplifting to me. She asked me to be a guest blogger and I said "What could I possibly say that she has not?," and it dawned on me. Ask God! I have been praying and today He has inspired me to write this blog. May I honor Him with my words.

I'm Emily's mom, Sandy.
I am the mother of a child with breast cancer and I am consumed with worry (will she suffer, will they find it all, will she die like her brother and sister), frustration (feeling helpless about helping and accomplishing what I think she and her family need), anguish over the situation, guilt (did I not pray hard enough, specifically enough, is it something I have done or not done that God is waiting on me for), anger (our family vacation to FL has been postponed indefinitely), selfishness (why did this happen to MY daughter, MY family, etc) and I could go on and on. Being a parent in this muddled emotional equation is like being an exponent in a math problem. To arrive at the correct answer, you have to be the correct exponent. In my heart God spoke and said that I have been over thinking this. "Be still and know that I am God." He tells me daily. (Psalm 46:10 is my life verse.) Live in community and watch Me, Sandy. Observe...

God showed me how He accomplishes pouring out grace. When our car rolled into the driveway and  we were here in GA, the reality of her cancer became evident. I was worried but the car doors opened and we stepped into a community overflowing with love and grace. People whom I have never met, spoken with, heard of or even knew were on this planet have come forward to change our lives by pouring out their lives upon us. They have followed the example of Jesus and GRACED us with such loving acts of kindness. Let me share some examples.

The doorbell rang and Heather and Charles came and graced August and I with a LARGE basket of snacks, fresh fruit, nuts, and bottled water to take to the hospital. When I say LARGE I mean a laundry basket that you had to carry with 2 hands. Filled to the brim. Overflowing. For the PARENTS! Who ARE these people who love so lavishly? We had so much food that we shared it with others in the waiting room. We got to extend the grace. We were able to share our blessing with Renee's family, who were there awaiting a kidney from CT after being on dialysis for 5 years. And with the lone Chinese man with a grave face oozing worry, who sat for hours by himself talking with no one. That basket of grace made the rounds. I sat amazed watching the expressions on the faces it touched. At the end of the day it came back empty. But the grace of God had been poured out into other lives. I observed and I brought the empty basket home with me to pay it forward and grace someone else's family when they have a loved one having surgery.

Our basket of grace 

Later we came home and found the lawn had been mowed and edged while we spent the day in the hospital waiting room. (Thanks Chris and friends!) And there was Lauren, a photographer friend, who drove a long distance to take pictures at Leah's award ceremony while we were all at the hospital. Then yesterday in Emily's mail there was a letter from an "anonymous" person with a money order equaling their weekly paycheck who felt that God had prompted them to act and send it to her.

From everywhere, people have been showing up with meals, kindly offered help, gave directions, practiced random kindness (a box of MY favorite Girl Scout cookies for ME from Stephanie). And not just "church" people (though 12Stone Church and its members have been absolutely AMAZING.) Community people. Friends. Neighbors. Co-workers. Community gracing community. God in action through others.

What is in your basket? How do you pour out Grace? Who do you amaze? What are your life's actions saying about you? Like the Apostle John said to all of us in John 21:25,"Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written." Can we follow His example and pour out so much grace that volumes would be written about our lives? Who can you grace today?

Be blessed!


  1. thanks Sandy (you are a great guest blogger)!!!! It was amazing to see God's hand at work through your eyes! Praying for all of you! Love, Susan and Danny

  2. Thanks Sandy....Now I know where Emily gets her writing talent. As I have told Emily
    all along, the journey may be hard at time, but we give God the Praise in everything. Emily is so strong and is touching so many lives.....we just need to praise HIM.....and
    as I keep telling Emily.....HE'S GOT THIS....