Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Last Post Before Surgery Next Week

This will be my last post before my surgery on 5/13. I have a lot of work and family responsibilities between now and then so I'll be focusing on those. (And I hope to squeeze in a little rest, too.) 

Here's what I learned today about my surgery and what happens after that:
  • When I go to the hospital at 7:30AM, they'll be inserting guide wires for my surgeon to the two cancerous areas. The blue dye for the lymph node biopsy won't actually be injected until the surgery begins at 11:30AM. (I don't know why I need to sit with wires in me for four hours, but I promise I'll try to behave and stay away from electrical outlets.) 
  • A guest can be with me during the guide wire portion. (Tony gets dibs, but I hope to rotate a few in and out.) Once I go to the operating room, only Jesus gets to go.
  • The surgery will take several hours and will be out-patient unless there are complications.
  • Tony and my parents will be waiting at the hospital all day.
  • At my post-op appointment on May 22, I'll receive a full pathology report on ALL the tissue that was removed. So I'll find out then if the cancer has spread in my lymph nodes or if there was any microscopic cancer in the right breast. 
  • After the post-op appointment, the OncotypeDX test will be sent off and that takes two weeks to come back. The results will dictate whether I need the heavy duty chemo along with the menopause-in-a-bottle. 
  • After four weeks of healing from my surgery (around mid-June), I'll start radiation. I've been told I can do this in Gwinnett, and it will only take 10 minutes each time. As long as it doesn't make me sick (they said sometimes it does), it should be easy breezy with a little burning to the skin. I will have to go every day Monday through Friday for five to six weeks. 
  • My sweet friend Lesley will be updating the blog and sharing prayer requests while I recover. (I'll get back to updating my own blog as soon as I'm up to it. I will miss your encouragement!)
Please keep praying for me and my family, the doctors and hospital staff, and specifically for my complete healing.  

Thank you so very much!

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