Wednesday, May 20, 2015


I just walked to the mailbox. It's the first time I've stepped out of my house in a week. Every time some new milestone is reached, I tag it in my mind: #Winning. 

I'm winning a lot today. I am finally starting to feel real improvement. I can sit up for longer periods of time, carry a conversation longer, and stay awake more. Tomorrow is Landon's 5th grade walk. I don't know if he or I will be well enough to attend, but I'm hoping that if there is any way we can show up for a bit that would be #SuperWinning.

I wanted to share a few specific prayer requests:

For my care-givers. My Mom and Dad have been keeping our family and our home up and running for almost two weeks. I know they are exhausted. Tony is back to work and comes home tired, too. He does cool stuff for me like brush my hair and arrange my pillows so I'm stacked upright in bed. Yesterday, he got to help me put on my compression bra. I don't know if he felt like a hero or if he thought meeting the new girls was like going to war, but he hummed the U.S. Marine Corps fight song the whole time. He was never a Marine, people. Pray for my man. And my parents.

For my appointment Friday. I'll be seeing my surgical oncologist Friday morning to hear the results of my pathology reports and get referrals for the rest of my treatment. I am praying for no chemo to be needed, but if it is, my prayer is for peace. I do want to treat this aggressively. I don't want this cancer back. However, I don't want to lose my hair and spend my summer sick. (Don't say it's only hair unless you personally have lost yours. Wink.)  

For Landon. It's his last day of elementary school tomorrow, and he's sick. He's showing great improvement with his medication, but I would love for him to experience the last day festivities and say good-bye to his teachers. His follow-up appointment for his pneumonia is almost the same time as mine on Friday. Pray for a quick and complete recovery.

Let's keep #winning!

"Answer me when I call to you, O my righteous God. Give me relief from my distress; be merciful to me and hear my prayer." Psalm 4:1

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