Tuesday, June 9, 2015


I notice yours more now, you know. I can't help but look. I'm not obsessed with them and it's nothing personal, but I'm totally looking at your girls, girls. Maybe it's because it's summer with all the tank tops and swim suits, or maybe it's because my own breasts will be gone soon. Whatever the reason, sometimes I can't take my eyes off yours.

Yours look beautiful. Soft. Feminine. Lovely. I want ones like yours. Ones that aren't sick and trying to kill me. Ones that are fun and carefree and easy to shop for. Ones that I don't even have to think about.

If I look at you long enough, I start to feel sad. But then if I look at you a bit longer, I notice something else... you. You are so much more than your breasts.

You are your smile. It's the most beautiful thing about you.

You are your eyes. They truly are the window to your soul.

You are your hands and the little hands that hold yours back.

You are your feet and all the places they take you.

You are your ears. You truly hear me.

You are your heart. It's full of love for your family, full of love for life.

You are your strength. You've had your own struggles. I salute your courage.

You are your joy. In spite of everything, you carry on and you smile and you laugh and you enjoy just being alive.

You are your intellect. You have a contribution to make to the world. It's a shame some people never make it past your breasts.

You are a mother. Those kids adore you.

You are a wife. You have every bit of that man's heart.

You are a daughter. Your parents are so proud of you.

You are a friend. You are generous, caring, and downright hilarious.

You are you. All of you. And just you. And you are beautiful for a thousand more reasons than your breasts. And so am I.

We are the same -- you and me. You with your breasts and me soon to be without mine. We're both children of God created purposefully and wonderfully. And He can't take His eyes off US. He loves us so much more than our human minds can fathom. He sees all of who we are -- all the time -- and He even sees Himself in us. We're His very best work.

So go be beautiful today. Curves or flat. Fit or fat. Every color. Each our own masterpiece. Go be beautiful you.


"I will praise You because I have been remarkably and wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful, and I know this very well." Psalm 139:14 (HCSB)

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  1. This is great, Emily......I had very similar thoughts when I battled thyroid cancer and gained weight I can't seem to lose no matter what I do. For a long time, I did not feel beautiful, but God did a work in my heart to let me know that to Him I am beyond beautiful, and He will use MY journey to help others.

  2. Oh, I love this, Emily. I think this is a fabulous way to put words to all that you are processing. It's completely fair to take time to be sad and mad, but I'm glad you also see the big picture in it all and share it with us too.

    I'm sure you don't always feel it, but you are brave and gorgeous and I'm proud to know you. :)

  3. Such a beautifully written homage to women, and the beauty we possess. Fight on, Emily. If God is for you, who [what] can be against you.