Monday, June 1, 2015

Life Gets Messy

This was my Sunday.

It's about to get ugly in here. If you hear sirens outside and see helicopters circling, please turn my medical fund into a legal defense fund. And start praying for a lady judge. No woman would ever fault me for the violence that could ensue over the condition of my home. My parents have been gone for six days, and my house looks like an episode of Hoarders. Tony has been working a lot, and I have been recovering. The kids (now on summer break) have taken control... or completely lost control. I can't tell. And the mess isn't confined to one or two rooms. It's the whole blessed house. It's the dishes, the laundry, the MY LITTLE PONIES, the stuffed animals, the Nerf guns, the overflowing trash cans, and the standing water in the bath tub. DO YOU GET ME? 

I called my mom. She could tell by my tone that I was ready lose it. All caps: LOSE IT. She asked right away, "Did you go to church this morning?" I woke up feeling achy and tired. I could have dragged myself and the kids, but it just felt like too much trouble today. "No, I didn't go," I snapped. "But Tony went. He's volunteering all morning." At this point I think she realized what she was dealing with: a frustrated, empty, broken spirit. She let me vent, she sympathized with me as a mother of her own messy children (who me?), and she encouraged me to pray with my family as soon as Tony got home.

Daddy's home. No time for pleasantries. "Kids, come here," I shriek. "We need to pray now!" Everyone's eyes got really big before I chided them to close them. The prayer sounded desperate and breathless. "I can't do this! We can't do this! Please God, help us come together!" Poor Tony didn't know what he walked into. It was not pretty, but slowly and tenderly God softened the hard edges of my heart. At the end of our prayer, we decided to get to work as a team and make next week a better one.

The house is clean. World order has been restored. I moved my card tree and all my breast cancer stuff out of the living room. I don't want to be reminded I'm sick this week. I want to be normal for 10 days until I go back to the doctor. Everyone feels better! I hear the heavenly chorus! And I am so thankful -- to my mom for her godly advice and to my father in heaven, who poured out His grace and His strength to get us through the tough work of cleaning up.

One of the dogs just peed on my card tree. That's right. He marked the bottom of the tree in my bedroom. Landon assures me it's only because it looks so realistic.

Take it from me: 
  • Go to church even when you don't feel like it.
  • Pray even when you don't feel like it.
  • Practice gratitude. 
  • Ask forgiveness when you need it. (I sorta need it a lot.)
  • Press repeat. Because just when you think you've mastered any of this, some new challenge will arise. Just like a dog's hind leg.
When life gets messy, do you have someone to call for wise counsel? Have you asked God to strengthen you and equip you for the work ahead of you today?


"Finally, be strong in the Lord and mighty in his power." Ephesians 6:10

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