Sunday, July 5, 2015

Mission: Impossible

The week ahead feels like an Emily original of Mission: Impossible. I'm not the only one who has too much to do. You do, too! Why do we do this to ourselves?

So chemo starts Thursday. It's Sunday... night. Here's a look at all I want/need/hope to accomplish the week: (Play the theme song as you scroll down and read my list.)

  1. Train my replacement at work, which means quite a few hours in the office. 
  2. Fill prescriptions for the kids.
  3. Get Landon a haircut.
  4. Shop for a real-hair wig to fit my real-big head.
  5. Go grocery shopping and pick up kid-friendly, cook-it-yourself meals.
  6. Take my daughter to see Inside Out.
  7. Buy multi-vitamins for chemo.
  8. Arrange babysitters for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
  9. Plant the flowers I bought yesterday, which are already starting to wilt.
  10. Talk to my friend about restarting my Meal Train and pick dates.
  11. Pick up my house for BFF's arrival on Wednesday.
  12. Counsel my daughter with Tony regarding her baptism.
  13. Redo my nails. 
  14. Pack my chemo bag.
  15. Prepare myself spiritually, emotionally, and physically for chemo. 
  16. Pay bills.
  17. Get a few blogs in the queue.
  18. Do laundry. 
  19. Clean and detail the van. 
  20. Schedule Bosco's neutering.
  21. Buy Frontline and Heartguard for the pets.
  22. Submit insurance claim forms and student loan deferment forms.
Are you tired? I am, too, but it's time to amp it up at my house. And I can share with you what I've decided. Perhaps this could be helpful for you, too.
  • Do the things that honor God first. (Training my replacement so ministry continues, preparing myself spiritually for chemo, counseling my daughter on baptism, etc.)
  • Do the things that serve my family second. (Medical needs come first. Babysitting. Then family time (which never even really made my list)!
  • Do the things that fit into the hours I have left in whatever order I darn well please... and then let the rest go. (Financial matters will get attention first. Can't just let those go.) If the house stays a mess, the hair doesn't get cut, and Bosco's manhood remains intact for a few more weeks, life will go on.
What does your week look like? How can you prioritize what really matters?

Say a little prayer for me,

"Nothing is impossible with respect to any of God's promises." - Luke 1:37

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