Sunday, July 26, 2015

#Winning Again

Well, I'm definitely not 100%, but my life is certainly much better than it was last week. I'm getting stronger every day, and I can only imagine my bone marrow is cranking out the white blood cells again -- just the way God designed it to. Go, bone marrow, go! Yes, I am definitely winning again.

I also hit a breast cancer milestone this week. My friend and hairdresser, Nikki, declared it "Cake and Clippers Day," and made a house-call to shave my head. It feels strange to have no hair (especially when I'm in the shower and stroke my head to lather up.) All in all though, it was quite liberating. I took control of my appearance and upped my game to fight for my life. Believe me, I am a fierce adversary once I make up my mind to do something. (Just ask my husband.) Cancer doesn't stand a chance.

My hair pre-cancer. Wasn't it pretty?

I just had to see what I'd look like with a mohawk. I don't look as rebellious as I'd hoped...

My kids were completely supportive. "Okay, Mom is bald now.... Let's get back to our video games..." 

Four kinds of chocolate cupcakes!
Please and thank you.

While I'm sharing pictures, I also wanted to share my video with you. This video played at 12Stone Church the day of my little girl's baptism. She says we've gone viral. Yup, viral for God. 

(For Jason Berry's complete teaching on "Pain," visit It's an awesome, 38-minute message, and I was so honored to be a part of it.)

Back to winning again. Today I went to church with my bald head covered with a scarf and mask. (This was a slight breach of the deal I made with the doctor, but I just had to go.) It was fun to sing extra loud under my mask -- completely unabashed worship of my King, and no one could see that the offensively loud, "joyful noise" was coming from me. I was smiling big under that mask, and I think God was smiling, too. Winning!

This week, I'll get my port and have my second round of chemo... and my first shot of Neulasta, which should help my body make more white blood cells so I don't get neutropenic again. I'm determined to keep winning. Please keep praying!

So, I can't help but ask: Do you feel like you're winning -- in your finances, your marriage, your health, your career? If not, start fighting today to make your life better! Pray hard, work hard, and FIGHT. As Dave Ramsey says, "Pray like it all depends on God, but work like it all depends on you." 

I'm ready for a brand new week. Are you? Let's get after it.


I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. - Philippians 4:13

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  1. You can't look rebellious with that mohawk because of your beautiful eyes and your loved filled eyes. You don't have to look tough be to tough because you are one tough cookie : )

  2. Wow, you are prayed up and ready to go. I wish I had heard you singing in church, I know I would have been joining right along with you. And our service they saying your favorite songs, Your Praise Is on My Lips! I was thinking of you while I was singing.