Sunday, September 13, 2015

Do Something

I have 12 days until my son's birthday, and 13 days until my daughter's. I'm knee-deep in party planning. For someone in my condition, this is a mammoth task. Let's face it: I can barely make a grocery list. (This is why you don't hear from me much these days. Writing has become very difficult.)  

So yes, planning two celebrations is overwhelming. Having said that, don't you dare tell me not to push it. If you do, I might push you. (Wink.) I want to do something special for my kids during this very tough time.  And I want to do it myself.  I will find a way!

That's the thing. When you really want to do something, you find a way. 

Take Meghan C. for example. She is 12 years old, lives in upstate New York, and is my niece. (When you have lots of close friends, you get the privilege of becoming an honorary aunt. And I love my special "nieces and nephews" like crazy.)

Last week Meghan decided to do something -- something for me -- and she found a way to make it happen. She decided to raise money for my YouCaring medical fund at her family's garage sale. Her goal was $50. 

It's safe to say no one expected Meghan to rake in a ton of cash. $50 might be pushing it. After all, people at garage sales are notoriously cheap thrifty, but Meghan was optimistic and committed. She sat at her post for a total of 11 hours over two days. She created thank you drawings for her contributors. All day long, her parents watched in amazement as many people passed over their sale items yet still made contributions to Meghan's cause and added my name to their prayer lists.

At the end of the sale, Meghan had raised $120 -- double her goal and then some! Her grandfathers and uncle, inspired by her efforts and her mom Dee's love for me, made contributions, too. Even her younger brother, Andrew, donated his $1 tips for carrying items to shopper's cars. 

This week Meghan mailed me a grand total of $300. ISN'T THAT FANTASTIC? Not that she's giving me $300, but that she was touched by someone's misfortune and actually did something about it. Dee teared up as she told me how proud she was of her daughter, and that at 12 years old, she taught her mom something about stepping out in faith and making a difference.

Meghan bought the supplies and made the first $5 donation with her own money.
Her fundraiser was planned and executed completely on her own.

What are you passionate about? How can you help? It's easy to feel powerless about all the suffering in the world... the refugees, the sick, the poor, the neglected. But what if you stopped feeling powerless and did something -- anything -- to help?

Here are some suggestions:

1. Volunteer at your local church. 12Stone has loads of opportunities to serve inside the church, out in the community, and around the world. 
2. Serve with a local ministry. Nothing But The Truth has an ESL program that works with people from "every tribe and every tongue"... Japan, Mexico, Spain, Korea, France, Russia, and more. Similar in some ways to the Syrian refugees, they've come to America in search of a better life. Can you help with child care or lead a short devotion?
3. Go rogue. Be like Meghan! Do your own thing for someone you know. Get creative!
4. Pray. If you don't know where to serve, ask God. He'll reveal exactly where you need to direct your efforts.

Whatever you do, DO SOMETHING. 

Please help me thank Meghan by leaving a comment here or on Facebook. She'll be reading this post and your messages. Here's mine: Meghan, you are an amazing young woman. Your compassion, creativity, and determination inspire me. I can't wait to see where these God-given strengths and talents take you in life. Thank you for doing something so very kind for me. May God bless you in a super crazy, awesome way!

Aunt Emily

The King will reply, "Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me." - Matthew 25:40


  1. A beautiful niece, an amazing idea, a blessed heart! It will be wonderful for you to see what God has in store for her in the years to come.

  2. What an inspiration! Meghan, it is so encouraging to see the next generation take charge and do something so selfless and loving! Great job! Keep it up!

  3. Way to go Meghan! That was a wonderful thing you did and God is watching. I'm sure He is smiling down on your sweet heart.

  4. Meghan, God is using your beautiful young heart in ways that bless so many people! He is preparing you for a lifetime showing the gift of mercy to others. I know you received a blessing!

  5. Meghan, you demonstrated an incredible act of love and generosity. The donations you raised show your generosity and inspired the generosity of others. You gave of your time and your artistic talents. Not only that, but you have shared Aunt Emily's story with so many others and have multiplied the prayers lifted up for her miraculous healing. Way to go! God is good. All the time. And it is reflected in your actions!