Tuesday, October 13, 2015

No Bra Day

You read that right and I'm not kidding. Today is "No Bra Day" in which women are encouraged to go braless for breast cancer awareness. It's actually trending on Facebook. #NoBraDay. Seriously?!

You guys, I haven't written a post in a couple of weeks because I've felt so terrible with my new menopause-in-a-bottle meds. I didn't think I would be this uncomfortable. I shiver. I sweat. I implode and explode a thousand times before lunch. But this? I can't even. I must post. I must rant. Please indulge me.

If you don't want to wear a bra today, that's your business. And maybe your husband's. Just know that you are doing nothing for breast cancer or for me. And while I love pink and all things that make me -- a bald girl in the grocery store -- feel like a celebrity in October, I'm learning that even pink has its flaws. (I know, right?)

Here's the deal. Pink is great. The Susan G. Komen Foundation has done an outstanding job at educating us on early-stage breast cancer and the importance of mammograms. (In fact, I have other personal causes that I *wish* could brand a message this effectively!) But when you do things like ditch your bra or buy exclusively into pretty pink marketing, you miss an entire group of warrior women who desperately need your support.

Thankfully, I'm not in this group. My PET scan revealed that my cancer has not metastasized. PRAISE THE LORD!!! (Is there a text formatting feature I've missed to relay my full excitement and gratitude? Perhaps I should animate the words... I digress.) 

Indeed, I am thanking God like crazy for today and praying to God like crazy for tomorrow.  I am not naive to the fact that I still carry a 30% risk that the cancer could move to my brain, bones, liver, or lungs... at any point... in any year... in this decade or the next.

Most of us know a lot about breast cancer. (THANK YOU PINK!) How much do we know about Metastatic Breast Cancer? How much are we donating to its research and cure? The answer to these questions is not nearly enough. (Don't even get me started on MEN having breast cancer, too. Oh yes, they can have it too...)

I can't do the work for you. I feel like poo and I haven't even brushed my teeth yet. But please educate yourselves! I will probably (Lord, PLEASE) never have to live with Metastatic Breast Cancer, but I know women who do, and we need to put our prayers, our money, and the Power of Pink solidly behind them. Enter Holley Kitchen.

I can't watch that video without sobbing. It's just too real and too raw. But she is using her pain as a platform, and she's beyond rad in my book even though we've never met. Thank you, Holley, for sharing your truth. The world needs this conversation.

Continue the conversation with someone you love. Tell your friends about Metastatic Breast Cancer. And that not every pink product with a ribbon donates money toward a cure. (In fact, many pink product purchases send zero dollars to research. My 10-year-old daughter asked me this research funding question at the grocery store on Sunday. I had never stopped to think about it BBC -- Before Breast Cancer. My daughter is way smarter than me! And yes, we did still buy the pink item. SMILE. You saw the Facebook photo.) If you want to learn more about Metastatic Breast Cancer -- you need to learn more -- check out Metavivor; better yet, make a donation.

That's all. Rant over. If I feel this lousy with all my "interventions" at Stage 1B, I can't imagine how Holley must feel. I don't dare to imagine that I know how Holley must feel. But I do share in her passion for finding a cure. So, ladies, keep your bra on. Dare to move past pink. And go tell someone what you learned about Metastatic Breast Cancer today.


P.S. To every amazing soul who has participated in a Relay event in my honor, sported pink in my honor, or done anything beautiful and wonderful pink-related in my honor, HEAR ME -- please don't stop. I love your pink -- I need your pink -- and I love YOU! I just had to get this off my chest -- while I still have one! (Surgery gets scheduled tomorrow... I'll update when I can.)   

"He will wipe every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain. All these things are gone forever." - Revelation 21:4


  1. Whew - glad my pink hair wasn't in vain! Keep fighting the good fight, spreading the love, and rocking the great attitude! You inspire so many....

  2. Never. I personally love all the pink, especially when it's worn by my beautiful friends and family. It's just that the conversation stops there for many people. Hoping this serves to educate folks about those with metastatic breast cancer.